Your Whitening “When” Questions (With Answers)! 

Some questions begin with the word what. Other with the terms, why, how, or who. Today, as we help you feel even more educated and certain about teeth whitening, we do so by answering some of your very important and pressing when questions. With that said, of course, we remind you that our Bedford, MA team is always here to provide helpful responses to any of the inquiries that fill up your mind! For now, however, let’s kick start the conversation with introductory new knowledge that we can then very easily follow with additional facts during a whitening consultation (Hint: All you have to do to schedule one is call!).

When I Have Crowns, Veneers, Or Tooth Replacements?

Here’s the thing: If you have any dental work that has been completed, such as dental crowns, porcelain veneers, or tooth replacements crafted out of artificial material (of course), then teeth whitening typically will not provide you with an effective means of brightening. Instead, it’s formulated mostly for helping you with your natural tooth tissue. If you want to brighten up a smile with the aforementioned work, speak with us! We can talk with you about making improvements through other methods.

When My Smile Isn’t Healthy Right Now?

If your smile isn’t healthy at the moment, then you aren’t ready right now for teeth whitening. You can be, though! All it takes is restoring your oral health with our team. Come on in, talk with us about the care you need, follow through, and you will then quickly find that you’ve become a good candidate and you’re ready for a bright grin!

When I Want Additional Cosmetic Care, Too?

Ah, yes! This very common question is: What if you want a whiter smile but you also want additional improvements? This is something to discuss in person! Depending on your goals, we may incorporate bonding and/or contouring with teeth whitening. Or, we may suggest veneers.

When I Don’t Know If It’s Right For Me?

If this is the very beginning of your journey and you feel ready to whiten in some shape or form but you’re not sure what you need, we remind you that figuring out the best approach is quite easy to do! Fortunately, whether teeth whitening is right for you or not, there are multiple ways to approach your grin, so you may achieve the improvement you desire. See us soon for answers!

Learn More About Teeth Whitening

Gather up the facts and answers you’re looking for in terms of relying on teeth whitening for your smile! Find out whether traditional whitening or other cosmetic care is what you need and when it’s right for you. Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.