Why Gingivitis Is No Laughing Matter!

You might not feel very worried about gingivitis. Instead, you may feel most concerned about cavities when you spend any amount of time considering your dental care. There are may reasons this may be the case! In most instance, it’s because patients just don’t know as much about gum disease. In others, it’s because patients are simply unaware that it can have significantly disastrous effects, just like decay can! The good news? Our Bedford, MA team can fill you in regarding why this early stage of periodontal illness is something to treat quickly, to manage right away, and to take very seriously!

It Starts Out Curable (But Then It Changes)

To begin, remember that gingivitis is the stage at which you want to catch gum disease. Why is this so important? Well, because this is the only stage at which your gum concern can successfully be reversed with our helpful care! It’s a very good reason to see us as consistently as you can for dental checkups. Our team can see that inflammation is beginning before you see it. This means that we will treat it long before it becomes serious and damaging!

It Can Wreak Havoc On Your Personal Presentation

Like everyone else, you want your smile to look beautiful! However, when you have red or purple, very puffy gums, and bad breath, your personal presentation may not be something you feel okay about anymore. Come in, let us help you with the problem, and say goodbye to gingivitis as you regain your smile!

It Can Lead To Serious Destruction

Of course, the term destruction is quite a severe one! Unfortunately, if you’re not focused on caring for your smile once gingivitis begins, you are actually looking down the road toward a surprising level of damage that can affect your entire smile. Remember that this first stage of gum disease becomes periodontitis, which means the inflammation and infection of not only your visible gum tissue but also all of your other related tissues, including your ligaments, jawbone, etc. Eventually, the disease can cause widespread tooth loss and even jaw tissue damage. Fortunately, when you practice prevention and you treat inflammation early, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Treat Gingivitis Immediately To Protect Your Smile

Remember that when you treat gum disease the very moment it begins, you prevent any damage from occurring as you keep your smile safe! Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.