When You Skip Flossing: Stuff That Can Really Happen

It’s not like you really need to floss, right? Actually, you do. To you, it may seem like this very simple, completely forgettable part of your dental hygiene that will probably go unnoticed if you’re very good with your brushing. However, even if you’re an exceptional tooth brusher and you’ve never missed a visit, chances are good that without the use of your dental floss on a daily basis, you’re going to be experiencing some oral health problems! Find out more with our Beford, MA team, so you realize that the minute or so it takes to floss is absolutely worthwhile!

You Get Stains Between Teeth

Think about the pigments that rest on your teeth every day when you’re drinking and eating. Now, think about the plaque and tartar that can develop at your gumline and between teeth. If you brush, you get a lot of the pigments and plaque and you sweep them away. However, all of that stuff at your gumline and especially between your teeth isn’t going to be completely removed with your brush bristles during dental hygiene. Instead, you’ll remove it with your dental floss. That is, unless you skip the flossing portion of your home care, leaving you with the huge potential for stains!

You End Up With Between-Teeth Cavities

Remember that plaque buildup we just talked about between your teeth? If you don’t remove it within about one to two days, it will harden into something that we know as calculus (or tartar). It’s super hard and even as you floss, you will remove food bits and plaque but the tartar will stay put (until your dental cleaning with us). This means you’re looking at a high possibility of ending up with cavities between your teeth! Avoid this oral health problem by flossing just once daily.

Your Breath Ends Up Smelling Bad

Plain and simple, the accumulation of plaque and tartar means you have lots of bacteria hanging out between teeth and in your mouth that would otherwise be removed. This all creates foul odors. In turn, you develop bad breath! Floss to prevent this embarrassing oral health concern.

Your Gums Become Inflamed

Last but by no means least is the fact that any amount of plaque and tartar remaining along your gumline (which you can only remove with the help of dental floss) will irritate gums and lead to inflammation. This will turn into gum disease, which will require treatment. Or, you could floss and avoid it completely!

Treat Your Smile Well By Flossing

When you need help with any area of your dental hygiene, even if you feel uncertain about your approach to flossing, remember that you have an open invitation to ask us for help! Just keep your checkups on the books! Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.