What Is It That’s Making You A Bad Brusher?

If someone were to ask you if you’re wonderful with your dental hygiene or not so wonderful and your immediate response would be something along the lines of, “I’m just not a very good brusher,” then we have questions for you! Why do you feel this way and what do you think might help? If you’re shrugging your shoulders because you really want to get to the bottom of things but you aren’t sure where to begin, then keep the following in mind: Our Bedford, MA team is here to help you with all things related to your oral health and the beauty of your smile! If you feel this foundational element of your smile care needs some attention, come in for help right away!

You Need To Focus (It’s All In The Details!)

When you come in for a dental checkup with our team and you confide in us that you feel like your brushing is just not what it could be, one of the things we will help you with is paying attention to detail. Often times, patients need to discuss dental hygiene and also require a review through demonstration. You might find that as we guide you through the process of an effective brushing session, you’ve been missing things. Maybe you forget about the backs of your teeth. Maybe you forget about brushing along your gumline. When you focus and feel sure you’re being extremely thorough, you’ll remove a lot more plaque, which means a lot more protection for your oral health!

It’s Time To Slow Down

Are you quite quick about your brushing? Is there part of you that assumes that as long as you’re practicing your dental hygiene to some extent, then at least you’re doing something and that it must count? The truth is, there’s no “almost” in dental care. Instead, if you want to know that you’re practicing preventive care that most definitely works for you, then we remind you: You have to go at a pace that allows you to take up two full minutes of brushing, as you address each and every part of your smile. Set a timer. It will help you know that you’re doing it correctly!

Your Brush Isn’t Helping You Any

If your toothbrush is old, if its bristles are hard, if it feels like it’s difficult to grip, if it seems like the head of the brush is too big or too small, then you may be headed for a cavity simply because your brush is making it nearly impossible to practice optimal dental hygiene. Find a brush you like (that fits the recommendations)!

Come In For Brushing Tips

When you know you should be doing a wonderful job with your brushing but you are well aware that you need some professional tips and guidance, all you have to do is come in to our practice to learn more! Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.