Treating Minor Tooth Loss With A Bridge

bedford dental bridge

Last week, we discussed the importance of addressing tooth loss. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about dental bridges, and how we use them to address minor cases of tooth loss. Your Bedford, MA, dentist knows how to design and create a prosthetic that fits comfortably and offers durable, lifelike tooth replacement.

Crafting a Bridge

Each prosthetic we create for your smile is custom-made, which ensures they fit comfortably, preserve your bite balance, and offer a natural-looking solution to your minor tooth loss. To begin, we need to carefully examine your smile to assess the cause and extent of your tooth loss. If we find bridges to be the right solution, we will administer a numbing agent and remove structure from the teeth on either side of the gap, known as abutment teeth. Next, we take detailed digital images and measurements, which will be used in a dental lab to craft the final product.

Correcting Your Missing Teeth

The bridge will consist of pontics, or new teeth, with crowns attached to each end. We will create them with lifelike and durable materials, such as ceramic, which can not only be color-matched to blend with your smile, but also absorbs daily bites forces as well. The crowns will be attached to the abutment teeth, securing your new ones firmly in place. You then smile with confidence. On average, the prosthetic will last about 10 to 15 years before requiring replacement as your jaw ridge changes shape.

Protecting Your Smile

Care is needed to not only preserve your remaining natural teeth, but to keep your bridge in place. After all, the abutment teeth are still vulnerable to issues like gum disease or infection. You should take time to brush your teeth when you wake up and again before bed with a fluoride toothpaste. You also need to floss thoroughly every evening. We would like to see you twice a year for a checkup and cleaning, so we can keep a close eye on your smile. Cutting back on sugary foods and drinks, which feeds harmful oral bacterial, is helpful too. These actions help prevent or manage gum disease, and fight cavities and infection too. If you have any questions about missing teeth, or about our custom prosthetics, then contact our team today. We would love to help you start 2021 in the path to a full smile.

Have You Lost a Tooth?

Our team knows how to design and craft a custom-made prosthetic that looks natural too. To learn more about the use of a custom bridge to address minor tooth loss, or about any of our other prosthetic options, then schedule a consultation by calling Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA, today at (781) 275-0200.