At some point in your life, you’ll probably develop a cavity. Also called dental caries, cavities are the leading childhood disease in the United States. Sugars, acids, and starches are not kind to your teeth. The good news is, when you get a cavity, restoration is often simple.  The bad news is, if you let a cavity continue to grow, it can become deep and necessitate root canal treatment and a dental crown, or in extreme cases, tooth extraction. If you experience a toothache, schedule a visit as soon as possible to determine if it’s a cavity and seek appropriate treatment.

If you’re concerned about mercury in dental amalgam or you want to keep your smile natural-looking as long as possible, you’ll appreciate our tooth-colored composite resin fillings. This material is a durable acrylic resin that contains no mercury or metals. It does not expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, either. We tint composite resin fillings to match the teeth in which they are placed, and the result is impressively lifelike.

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