We believe in conservative dental treatments. When Dr. Kennedy recommends tooth extraction, it is a last resort. Sometimes, such as when root canal treatment won’t suffice, a damaged, dead, or infected tooth must be removed to ensure the continued good health of your smile. In other cases, too many teeth that are too close together can cause crowding, so one or more of them may have to be extracted before orthodontic braces are applied. For patients who need dentures, removing a few remaining teeth might be necessary. Whatever your situation, we will explain the reasons behind the recommendation for extraction, and also talk with you about how we’ll make the procedure quick and comfortable.

If another dentist has recommended tooth extraction, but you’d like a second opinion, then Dr. Kennedy will be glad to provide one. Simply tell our front office about your situation when you call to reserve your appointment. If you can, bring your X-rays and dental records with you, as well.

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