Things That Are No Problem, Thanks To Bonding

Sometimes, you figure that the issue you’re having with your smile is going to require some sort of lengthy and complex treatment. However, when you’re just looking at an esthetic problem that seems like it should be no big deal, our Bedford, MA team reminds you that this is probably the case! Trust your instincts. For many little blemishes and concerns, you can simply and quickly fix them right up with the help of dental bonding (which relies on the placement of composite for improvement). Discover the types of things that are no problem, thanks to bonding!

That Accidental Chip

Didn’t intend to chip your tooth, of course, but you did it? Not to worry. This may seem like a huge problem in the moment but the lovely news is that it’s incredibly easy to repair! We provide you with dental bonding, which means we can very easily create the illusion of replaced tissue. So, when you knock your tooth on something and notice a ding, come in with confidence. We’ll have it solved in no time.

That Annoying Little Space

Not too happy with the small space that’s been between your teeth for ages? When you have slim gap that you’d love to say goodbye to, so teeth look flush, remember to bring this up during your next visit us or schedule a cosmetic consultation! We can explain the process to you and set up a time to provide you with dental bonding, so teeth that sit side-by-side appear to just touch one another!

That Tiny Stain

When you have one stain but the rest of your smile is fine, this issue doesn’t exactly warrant the use of allover teeth whitening. So, you wonder, what are you supposed to do now? The answer is often to rely on dental bonding. We can match the color of the composite to your tooth, so we may then camouflage the stain by hiding it and you’ll have a tooth that is stain-free once again!

That Craze Line Driving You Crazy!

If we verify for you during a dental visit that the “crack” you’re seeing in your tooth is not a true crack but instead, is in fact a craze line (it’s a slim fissure in your enamel that can look like a crack or that may become stained), then we can treat it with dental bonding! While this may be something that is usually easiest to see in direct light, if it’s driving you crazy, fix it. Dental bonding makes it easy!

Turn To Dental Bonding For Improvement

Contact our team as soon as you are ready to fix little tooth imperfections with cosmetic care, so we may provide you with dental bonding! Remember, we are always here to guide you toward the improvement you want. Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.