Start Flossing The Right Way

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We explained how to properly brush your teeth, and looked at how this helps keep poor oral health in check. But you also need to clean in between each and every tooth as well. In fact, when you floss you help lower the risk of gum disease! In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will discuss how to carefully and correctly clean your smile.

The Dangers of Gingivitis and Gum Disease

When bits of the foods and drinks we consume become trapped between teeth or lodged along the gum line, this leaves them to be broken down by oral bacteria. As bacteria consume these particles, the levels of oral acidity increase and the teeth become coated in a sticky layer of plaque buildup. Over time, plaque hardens into tartar. The buildup cannot be removed with brushing and flossing, but daily care to remove these particles, reducing the severity of buildup in between your cleaning visits. This lowers the risk of cavities, bad breath, teeth stains, gingivitis, and even gum disease.

Starting the Process Early

How early should someone start flossing? Well, we suggest the process start as soon as teeth sit side-by-side. You will need to help your toddler clean between teeth until dexterity improves. For kids, a floss pick is often easier to use. As your child ages, upgrading to tape is recommended. People of all ages need to clean between their teeth every evening before bed. If you know you’re going to be consuming items that become caught between your teeth, then you could even excuse yourself and clean between teeth quickly after your meal.

Flossing Correctly

To do so, take an 18inch to 20inch length of tape. Then wrap each end around a thumb, holding it tight with your index fingers. You can adjust the grip to ensure you use a clean bit of the tape for each tooth. Run the tape up and down each side of every tooth, dipping below the gum line when you do. This removes trapped particles beyond the reach of your toothbrush’s bristles. You can also use options like a water flosser too.

Dental Cleanings

Every six months, you and your family should see us for a dental cleaning. We suggest these visits for people ages two and up, and they enable us to remove all plaque and tartar from the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler and a manual tool. The procedure helps protect the health of your teeth and gums, and also fights bad breath and teeth stains.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Our team knows that your daily care is crucial for keeping cavities and periodontal disease away. To learn more about the process of cleaning in between your teeth, then schedule a consultation by calling Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA, today at (781) 275-0200.