Protecting Kids’ Teeth Now Prevents Problems Later

As a family dentist, I know that good oral hygiene habits start early and have a strong impact on life-long oral health. Brushing habits and healthy eating are important concepts to teach your kids about how to maintain a healthy mouth, but what else is out there to ensure the protection of your kids’ smiles?

I am Dr. Robert Kennedy of Bedford Family and Cosmetic Dentistry,and I want to talk to you about sealants and fluoride. Dental sealants are a thin, plastic film  applied directly to teeth, usually to children’s permanent molars. Placing the sealants is a fast and comfortable process. The sealants act as a physical barrier to stop food and bacteria from getting stuck in the deep grooves of teeth. Sealants are highly effective in preventing tooth decay, and they are incredibly safe, so I recommend sealants for the majority of my young patients. Also, dental sealants dissolve over time as teeth grow, so they never have to be removed.

Fluoride is another great preventative measure for kids, as well as for adults. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens tooth enamel. Most people need fluoride supplements to ensure the protection of their teeth, mostly because bottled water is not fluoridated. Too  much fluoride can be a problem, but a quick fluoride rinse or varnish at your dental appointment will provide all the fluoride you need.

I would like to personally invite you to come in for a dental checkup or consultation with my staff and me. I am a family dentist, so your entire family is welcome. Your family’s’ dental health is priority at Bedford Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact my office.