OTC Care: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

When you’re choosing between coming in to our practice for dental care and handling things on your own, you may find that you’re seeing some blurred lines. From our perspective, it’s quite easy to direct you toward those practices that are A-OK and recommended for you to do on your own. Then, there are those treatments that we suggest you only receive from from our Bedford, MA team. Unfortunately, since you’re not a dental professional, it’s not always so easy for you to figure out when to choose what. Today, we’d like to clear up the details surrounding your over-the-counter (OTC) selections, so you can feel wonderful about your efforts, while keeping in mind when it’s time to rely on our dental services.

The Good!

You are absolutely free to brush and floss at home. While you’ll need our help for professional cleanings and checkups, your daily maintenance is something you can manage wonderfully! For a little help in making shopping for dental care items easier, consider the ADA’s (American Dental Association) list of OTC products with its stamp of approval.

The Bad (And The Ugly)

Let’s just go ahead and lump all of the negative stuff into one category while we’re discussing your uncertainty regarding choosing OTC treatments for yourself versus coming in for professional dental care. Here’s the bad and the ugly for you to remember, so you avoid trying to “do it yourself” with the following:

  • Restorative Care: Don’t try to fix your teeth or any other tissue. We understand that you may have some very good intentions and that you may even think in the long run, you’ll save money. However, you don’t have the expertise, knowledge, equipment, etc. to do so! In the end, you may hurt yourself, a problem will have extra time to progress, and you’ll end up spending more money trying to fix the extra complications that have arisen. If you need restorative care, come to see us!
  • Cosmetic Care: We know that you will see lots and lots of cosmetic dental care options out there that seem like a good fit for you. Many will appear to be gentle yet effective because they’re made from natural ingredients. You might see what you consider to be reliable evidence that OTC treatments can work safely. We know that it can be confusing, which is why we simply state: See our team if you need help with your smile’s appearance, so you get the results you want the first time.

Make Your Smile Its Most Beautiful With Our Care

When you’re ready for fixes like cosmetic or restorative care, it’s time to head in to see our team for the improvements you want and need. Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.