I want to help you maintain healthy teeth for life.

I believe in conservative dentistry, and I believe in doing everything I can to help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.

That’s why it’s only as a last resort that I recommend tooth extraction to my patients.

Sometimes, when a root canal won’t suffice, a damaged, dead, or infected tooth must be removed to ensure continued health for your entire mouth. In other cases, too many teeth in a small mouth can cause crowding, so a few teeth will be removed before orthodontic braces are applied. For patients needing dentures, removing a few teeth may be necessary for your new set of teeth to function and fit properly.

Whatever your situation, I will only suggest tooth extraction if the health of your mouth will benefit from it. At your consultation appointment, I will explain the reasons behind my recommendation for extraction, and I will talk with you about how we’ll make the procedure as quick and comfortable as possible. Modern dentistry makes it easier than ever to experience little pain during invasive dental procedures.

In almost all situations, I am more than happy to provide a second opinion. Just tell my front office staff about your situation when you call my office in Bedford, Massachusetts, at (781) 275-0200 to schedule your appointment.

I’m Dr. Robert Kennedy, and I would like to personally invite you to my dental office. Your entire family is welcome, and I guarantee you’ll be treated with respect, compassion, and genuine appreciation every time you visit.