How We Safeguard Children’s Smiles

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We don’t just offer checkups and cleanings for grown-ups; we also have care for little smiles too. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will look at how we care for little smiles, and help you stay free of common issues like tooth decay. We also explain when kids need to start receiving checkups and cleanings every six months!

Poor Oral Health in Little Smiles

As children grow, issues could arise with the baby teeth falling on schedule, or the way permanent teeth erupt, leading to issues like misalignment. Children are also at risk of developing cavities. While baby teeth do fall out eventually, this could happen weeks or months after a cavity forms, enabling decay to become an infection and eventually leads to premature tooth loss! We suggest a checkup and cleaning every six months for kids ages two and older, so we keep a close eye on the smile as it grows and changes. We want to catch problems in the earliest stages, and offer treatment to preserve their smiles.

Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

Cavities are common as kids often have issues thoroughly brushing and flossing, even if they’re trying. Fortunately, with a fluoride treatment, we apply a special varnish to the teeth every six months. The varnish then strengthens the outer enamel to keep the enamel strong. Since even older kids have trouble brushing and flossing the rear molars, this could leave food particles trapped between them, whjch cause cavities. However, dental sealants let us place an acrylic coating on the rear teeth. The layer prevents food from becoming stuck between them, so the risk of tooth decay decreases. The layers stay in place for between 5 and 10 years on average, and wear away naturally with time.

Checkups for Kids

Let’s talk about checkups a little more. Each visit is a chance for your child to become accustomed to the office, which makes them more likely to avoid dental anxiety and attend visits in adulthood. We also instill good oral hygiene habits, and look for signs of developing problems so we can address them early and quickly. We also clean the teeth! A dental cleaning means we remove all plaque and tartar from the outside of the teeth. Doing so not only reduces the risk of cavities and gingivitis, but also brightens teeth and freshen breath.

If you have any questions about our approach to children’s dentistry, or if you would like to schedule a visit for your little one, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Children’s Dentistry?

We’re ready to help kids of all ages enjoy their healthiest smiles for years to come. To learn more about how we approach children’s dentistry, then schedule a consultation by calling Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA, today at (781) 275-0200.