Gingivitis: 3 Things You Must Do To Prevent It

There are some things you should be doing to prevent problems for your smile. One of the key concerns that can really harm your oral health and that is actually very easily prevented? Gingivitis is the correct answer! While you may realize that this is the first stage of gum disease that can, when ignored, lead to serious problems for your oral health, you may not necessarily feel wholly prepared to keep it from making its way into your life! With that said, just a quick review of essential preventive care with our Bedford, MA team will have you back in control of your gum health in nothing flat!

#1: Floss, Floss, Floss!

First things first, you absolutely must floss. We know that some of our patients aren’t necessarily thrilled with the fact that daily flossing is essential. With that said, remember that if this applies to you, it’s important to come in to talk with us about why you don’t love flossing. It’s quick, it’s easy, it feels perfectly okay, and it offers you immense protection against gingivitis (and more), as it’s the only way you’re really going to remove harmful plaque from between teeth.

#2: Brush Very Consistently

You may think that since you brush most of the time that this is going to be good enough. However, when it comes to the preventive care you practice to keep problems like gingivitis from affecting you, “most of the time” is not going to cut it! Instead, you really do need to brush every single day, remembering to do so both morning and night. Remember that plaque (which is full of bacteria and accumulates, in part, just beneath your gumline) will become tartar when it’s not brushed or flossed away. Tartar is super hard and will stay put until you come in for a cleaning and we remove it.

#3: Keep Your Cleanings On Steady Rotation

About those cleanings we just mentioned: Remember that if you’re not coming in every six months for your dental checkup and cleaning, not only are you missing out on the chance for us to keep you informed about your smile but you are also missing out on plaque and tartar removal that only we can provide (which, of course, offers lots of protection against issues like gingivitis and tooth decay). Come in right on schedule!

Keep Gingivitis At Bay 

Consider our simple suggestions that will not only help you keep gingivitis from developing but will also protect you from a long list of other hygiene-related illnesses! Need help? Just get in touch with our team soon! Schedule a visit with Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA by contacting us today at (781) 275-0200.