Missing teeth cause more than just cosmetic problems. Eating and speaking become difficult. Jawbone structure deteriorates. Also, studies show that edentulous people (those without teeth) do not live as healthy as people with a full set of functioning, healthy teeth.

Dentures are a full arch of replacement teeth set on a gum-colored base. You may need top, bottom, or both dentures. In most cases, dentures are secured in place by suction (top) or adhesive (top or bottom). However, implant-secured dentures have become an increasingly-more popular option.

Partial dentures replace multiple teeth on the upper and/or lower dental arch. Also known as partials, they attach to existing teeth with inconspicuous clasps. Partials can also be attached to one or more dental implants.

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Kennedy will sit down with you to talk about your situation. As your dentist, he will be your consultant on dental health issues and procedures. You can ask all the questions you like, and we’ll provide easy-to-understand answers. By understanding your previous experiences and current needs, we can help you determine the best solution to replace your missing teeth.

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