Cosmetic Smile Improvement In One Visit

dental bonding

Our last blog discussed the use of teeth whitening to remove teeth stains. However, we also have patients come to us with issues regarding the shape of their teeth, or with permanent stains that may not respond to teeth whitening. To offer improvement in one only visit, your Bedford, MA, dentist may suggest cosmetic dental bonding and contouring.

Dental Bonding

The dental bonding process uses the same composite resin material we create lifelike fillings with. The material is metal-free, and is a blend a glass and acrylic that we tint to blend with surrounding tooth structure. For that reason, we can use it to repair minor chips and cracks, lengthen worn down teeth, close gaps between teeth, and reshape malformed teeth too. If you have permanent teeth stains, then we can mask them in one visit. For some, we may even whiten teeth beforehand to ensure the bonding material is shaded to blend with your brightest possible smile. The process involves removing decay and then cleaning the tooth thoroughly. We apply the material in several layers, and then shape and sculpt the tooth while we cure the composite resin with a light. Finally, we polish the tooth. In one visit, a transformation!

Cosmetic Contouring

In the same visit, we can also address esthetic concerns by contouring the smile. The process involves sanding and buffing the outer structure to correct cosmetic issues. For example, we can address minor chips, remove pits and grooves in the surface, and also smooth rough patches on the tooth. We also dull sharp or pointed portions, and reshape overly large or misshapen parts of your smile.

Your Consultation

To find out what treatments will be right for your smile, we will perform a detailed examination, employing digital technology to assess the cause and extent of your esthetic issues. From there, we create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your smile. Along with bonding and contouring, we can also discuss teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and lifelike fillings and crowns. We want to make sure you feel proud of your smile, and also enjoy better oral health too. If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, or if you would like to schedule a visit soon, the contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry?

We want to help correct issues with both the color and shape of your teeth, so you obtain a smile that inspires confidence and helps you feel eager to show off your teeth when you smile! To learn more about our approach to improving smile beauty or addressing other oral health concerns, then schedule a consultation by calling Kennedy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Bedford, MA, today at (781) 275-0200.