We respect how precious your children are; they are precious to us, as well. As a general and family dental practice, we provide dental care to patients of all ages, including young children.

During your pregnancy, it’s important for you to have a dental checkup and cleaning. Hormone changes can increase your proclivity for developing gum disease, which is often a contributing factor in low-weight births. We can also talk to you about how to clean your child’s mouth from infancy, which is an important part of early oral healthcare.

Around age one, your baby should come with you to a dental checkup. There’s no need to schedule a separate appointment for your child. As soon as your little one has a tooth, it’s time to begin daily brushing. Dr. Kennedy will look inside your child’s mouth to assess oral development. If he sees any reason for concern, we can talk about your options. We’ll also chat about how to encourage your child to take good care of his or her teeth and gums at home.

Between ages one and three, if you notice tooth decay, red and swollen gum tissue, or any other potential oral health problem, or if your child has a dental emergency, please come in for a visit. Otherwise, brief six-month checkups are typically sufficient.

Children age three and older are old enough to start attending regular general dentistry appointments. Tooth decay is the leading childhood disease in the United States, and children can develop gum disease. It is important that your child attend six-month cleanings and checkups in the formative years. We will take steps to prevent cavities by applying dental sealants and administering fluoride rinses during checkups. We’ll also look for tooth development problems so that you can see a specialist about interceptive orthodontics, if necessary.

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