Category: Restorative Dentistry

Tiny Offenders: Popcorn For Christmas!

Nope, little popped corn kernels are not the first things that spring to mind when one asks you about potential hazards for your smile health. They’re probably not the first things that spring to mind when someone asks you about holiday time snack favorites, decor, etc. However, popcorn happens to show up just about everywhere… Read more »

Your Toothache: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until After Christmas

So, you have a toothache. It’s not excruciating or you would have already called us. Instead, you can manage it and it’s not constantly causing you problems. You’ve spent some time asking yourself what you should do, since Christmas is steadily approaching. Should you just pretend that your smile is perfectly fine? Or, should you… Read more »

3 Ways Your Tooth Replacement Is Extremely Helpful

You know that it’s good to replace missing teeth in general, of course. You also know that on a very basic level of preference, you’d much rather have all of your teeth than to not have them. However, when we’re pressing the matter and are really digging much deeper into why it’s so helpful for… Read more »

Your Smile Can Still Look Great With A Restoration In Place

What will happen to your smile after you undergo restorative dental care? You may worry that a treatment for a dental problem will result in a conspicuous filling or crown that has a negative effect on how you look. There are a couple of issues with this line of thinking. You should also know that… Read more »

Providing A Supportive Environment During Your Root Canal

Your Bedford, MA dentist is ready to fully address your needs when you come in for restorative dental care. When a patient needs work done to treat a cavity, it is important that they come in for treatment as soon as they can. A cavity, once formed, will continue to grow until your dentist has… Read more »

Questions About Life After Replacement Teeth

Patients often wonder if choosing replacement teeth will really be a good idea. Certainly, your smile will include all of its teeth (no more open spaces). However, will that actually equate to what you’re hoping to accomplish? Will it look like your smile, you ask yourself? Is this going to make life better or will… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Rely On Us

When the topic you’re focused on at the moment is your need for a tooth extraction, we understand that you may be feeling a bit on edge. If you’re not highly informed regarding this type of restorative care, then you have a lot of questions, which is perfectly natural. We’d like to remind you that… Read more »