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Lifelike Dental Repair With Porcelain Crowns

porcelain dental crowns

When a tooth develops a cavity, we may recommend a filling. But what happens if your tooth develops a much more serious injury, or an oral health concern that could eventually lead to tooth loss? In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist looks at how we design and create lifelike and long-lasting porcelain crowns.

Treating Cavities With Metal-Free Fillings

When your tooth aches or feels sensitive, this could be more than just a winter chill. You may have a cavity, and treatment is crucial for preventing a cavity from becoming an infection or abscess. In order to treat smiles in Bedford, MA, your dentist may suggest more than a simple metal filling. In fact,… Read more »

When Is Extraction Right For Your Smile?

Did you know that in some situations, actually removing a tooth is the best way to protect your overall oral health? From addressing wisdom teeth to tackling severe infections or damage, a simple extraction could help restore smiles in Bedford, MA, to optimal health. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we ensure… Read more »

Different Ways a Dental Crown Can Save Your Tooth

Restorative dentistry’s main goal is to help you save as much of your healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. When a tooth is cracked or broken, it requires care and treatment to stop the damage from growing worse, or the tooth from becoming unable to function properly. In many cases, a custom-designed dental crown can… Read more »

Why Do You Need Root Canal Treatment Now?

Treating tooth decay is different for everyone, and for several different reasons. For example, your teeth are unique to everyone else’s, and so is the specific nature and extent of your tooth decay. If you have a cavity, then its shape, size, and severity will have to be precisely determined in order to treat it… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Getting a Tooth Filling

When you have a cavity, the discomfort itself can be a big deal. It will only grow worse, as will the infection in your tooth, the longer you wait to treat it. Still, some patients may worry about what placing a metal filling in their tooth could mean for their smile and oral health. Fortunately,… Read more »

When You Wish Teeth Could Grow More Tissue

Sometimes, you find yourself simply wishing that you could just grow more dental tissue. If you could, then you would be able to address a variety of concerns centered around damage. You might also be able to address issues that are part of your natural smile (like a short tooth that you wish was longer)…. Read more »