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Nature Vs. Nurture: How Both Factors Determine Cavities

Nature vs. Nurture in Bedford, MA

Environmental factors such as dental hygiene habits and diet are responsible for 40 percent of our risk for tooth decay. Your Bedford dentist discusses what we can do to prevent tooth decay.

How Safe is Your Smile?

You may brush and floss your teeth twice every day and refrain from excessively snacking on sugary treats, but plaque and cavities are not the only dangers that your smile can face. Nevertheless, dental diseases are a significant danger, along with dental trauma and disorders that can affect your mouth’s proper function. To help safeguard… Read more »

Three Great Reasons to Attend Your Dental Cleanings

According to the ADA, you should routinely visit your dentist at least once every six months, even if you don’t experience discomfort or notice signs of trouble

Bedford Dentist Explores the Usefulness of Fluoride

Bedford dentist, Dr. Robert Kennedy, explains how and why fluoride can prove significantly useful in the fight against tooth decay by strengthening your teeth’s already-formidable defenses.