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Don’t Try This At Home: Dental Edition

Of course, being the exceptional innovator that you are, you might think that taking dental care into your own hands is a great idea! Unfortunately, if you’re trying to do anything other than the usual brushing and flossing on your own, you’re probably headed down quite a risky path. Yes, we know that Pinterest is… Read more »

Brushing Your Smile: Maximize The Results

Brushing your teeth is very important. Brushing your smile correctly, however, is what it takes to ensure you’re actually protecting your oral health. Do you know if you’re doing everything right? Are you sort of playing it by ear and assuming everything is A-OK? To take the guesswork (and possible stress) out of the situation,… Read more »

Your Toothbrush: Should You Choose A Better One?

Especially if you’re someone who feels comfortable with the dental hygiene products you’ve been using, the idea that one or more of those items is not great for your smile can be quite alarming. “But I’ve been using this type of toothbrush for seven years!” you might think to yourself. Well, if your oral health… Read more »

Quiz: Keep Your Family’s Smiles Intact

The last thing you want to worry about is serious smile trauma occurring to you or any member of your family. The problem in many instances is that patients fail to recognize how easy it is to accidentally damage a tooth (and how very easy it often is to avoid such injury). If you’re trying… Read more »

What Is A Root Canal?

root canal

The term root canal conjures up all kinds of scary and painful images it seems. That’s mainly due to the way treatment was performed in the past–before local anesthesia and other forms of sedation, as well as advanced dental technology.  The root of your tooth has canals that are filled with your tooth pulp which… Read more »

Can You Prevent Toothaches?

Regardless of the cause, the sensation of a sensitive tooth is typically the result of a single consequence; the exposure or disturbance of your tooth’s sensitive inner chamber. Called the pulp, this chamber houses your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, and a healthy human tooth is designed to protect these tissues. To help you prevent… Read more »

Oral Cancer Screenings During Your Dental Checkups

Hopefully, you’re aware that regular checkups and cleanings (at least once every six months) are vital to keeping your smile clean and healthy. Did you know, however, that your dentist does much more than simply check and clean your teeth and gums during your visit? Every preventive dental appointment at consists of a thorough mouth,… Read more »