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Color: How It Helps Your Dental Hygiene

The days come and go and you continue brushing twice, flossing once, and doing the same thing all over again. While you may be right on track with your dental hygiene, do you think it could use a bit of improvement? Do you ever discover that you’re not sure whose brush you’re using (and you… Read more »

Canker Sores: Stop Worrying!

When you walk into the bathroom to figure out what’s going on in your mouth, you look in the mirror, and you see a canker sore is affecting your oral health, you have two options: Stress yourself out or realize there’s nothing to worry about. We strongly suggest the latter because there really is nothing… Read more »

Improve Your Flossing With These 3 Tips

Flossing can sometimes seem like the less popular, nerdy sibling to brushing your teeth. Everybody understands the importance of using a toothbrush, but nobody really appreciates how vital flossing is to maintaining your oral health. While your toothbrush does a fine job cleaning the outside of your teeth, flossing is the only way to remove… Read more »

Q&A: Are You Sure You Want To Brush With That?

Wait! Before you place that toothbrush in your mouth, you might want to think about some particular details. Is it safe for you to use? Is it clean? Is it still offering you the effective cleaning power that you need for your dental care at home? For answers to these types of questions (which can… Read more »

Tips: About Brushing Too Hard

Do you know what happens if you brush too hard? It can negatively affect your oral health, leading to problems like discomfort, gum recession, sensitivity, and more. Fortunately, in addition to ensuring you’re using a soft-bristle toothbrush, we have some tips that will make gentle care a reality. Tip: Take Your Time You’re going to… Read more »

Beware: Acid Erosion And Common Culprits

Have you heard the term acid erosion at some point on television? Perhaps you glaze over stories about it online occasionally. It may be somewhere on your radar but that doesn’t mean you’ve given it your full attention. While you may assume this is a problem that probably affects someone else, it is actually a… Read more »

The Stuff About Soda You Need To Know

Of course, there’s nothing like cracking open a can of bubbly soda to refresh your senses! Whether you like colas, clear sodas, ginger ale, or anything in between, you might have a sneaking suspicion that this refreshment is not so great for your oral health. How much do you really know, though? Are you certain… Read more »