Category: Oral Health

Oral Health Care: Kick Start Better Care

Everyone wants a healthy smile, of course. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know the best path to take in order to get there. Remember that it’s very possible you’re doing an okay job but that you could be doing a much better job. The difference can be staggering! “Okay” habits may lead to… Read more »

Leftover Holiday Candy: What To Do?

Well, the winter holidays are over. You’ve unwrapped your gifts, you’ve seen the delight on the faces of gift recipients, you’ve rested, and you’ve eaten your fair share of yummy food! Now, about all of that leftover candy you have from your stocking, gifts, parties, and more: You may wonder what to do with it…. Read more »

Time For Gifts: Your Wrapping Quiz

What’s your gift wrapping experience like, when you find yourself sitting next to a mountain of gifts that all need to be placed into gorgeous paper with a lovely bow on top? Are you on your own, attempting to blaze through the experience? If you don’t have someone there handing you every material that you… Read more »

Your Saliva: A Quiz

Is your mouth consistently producing saliva throughout the day for a particular reason, you might wonder? Is it just there to keep your tissues from creating friction when they rub against one another? What’s this part of your body have to remain so hydrated for, anyway? Find out if you’ve already got all the knowledge… Read more »

Holiday Oral Health: Why Drink More Water?

You know that drinking extra water during the summer months is something that is a frequent suggestion from just about everyone! However, when you hear that we encourage you to drink up some additional H20 over the winter holidays for better oral health, you may find this a bit odd. Consider some surprisingly compelling reasons… Read more »

Quiz: Brushing And Your Gums

If you feel pretty good about your dental hygiene but you don’t know if you’re on track with your brushing and your gums, it can make the process feel a little bit scary. Furthermore, you may wonder if you’re making choices that protect your gum tissue or if you’re accidentally doing something that’s putting your… Read more »

Toothpaste: Things To Consider ASAP

There are some things you will want to consider … right now, that is … when it comes to your toothpaste. Did you know that in addition to selecting a flavor you find favorable and choosing something that has been proven effective by the ADA (American Dental Association), there’s more to think about? Maybe you’re… Read more »