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When You Skip Flossing: Stuff That Can Really Happen

It’s not like you really need to floss, right? Actually, you do. To you, it may seem like this very simple, completely forgettable part of your dental hygiene that will probably go unnoticed if you’re very good with your brushing. However, even if you’re an exceptional tooth brusher and you’ve never missed a visit, chances… Read more »

Answers About Floss That Can Really Benefit Your Smile

It has been drilled into your memory, of course, that you should be flossing your smile as part of your daily dental hygiene experience, so you protect your oral health. You understand the benefits and that without floss, your brushing alone isn’t going to cut it because your brush doesn’t thoroughly clean those spaces between… Read more »

3 Myths To Look Out For When You’re Expecting

When you’re expecting a baby, particularly if you start speaking with other mothers, friends, family members, etc., you are going to hear an extraordinary amount of information. It will include opinions, experiences, old wives’ tales, and may even have some facts peppered in! However, since it’s nearly impossible to know what’s what, we always encourage… Read more »

Your “Where” Questions About Cavities: Answered

Do you ever find yourself asking questions about cavities that tend to begin with the word, “Where?” but you never end up with any definitive answers? You might not have realized this trend but, as you may have guessed, we hear lots of questions from patients on a daily basis. As a result, we know… Read more »

Your Dental Hygiene Collection: 3 Things To Throw Out Today

There might be some things within your dental hygiene collection that are ready for the garbage bin! While you may be happy to hear this because it means freeing up some space in your medicine cabinet, you might not really be sure how to know what should stay and what should go. Take some of… Read more »

Your Daily Brushing Routine: What Are You Missing?

Just because you’re going through your daily routine with dental care, do you know if your dental hygiene is actually helping you accomplish your goals? When your brushing could be better, you are probably missing plaque, which can mean you’re headed toward issues like cavities and bad breath. Make sure you’re not missing anything!

Quiz Time: The Specifics Of Oral Cancer Screenings

The idea of receiving an oral cancer screening to protect your oral and overall health may sound perfectly agreeable to you. The problem, however, frequently lies in the fact that many patients aren’t sure about the specifics when it comes to the why, the how, and more. Try your hand at our handy little quiz… Read more »