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Jawbone Density Changes As We Age

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Many of us will develop osteoporosis as we age, especially for women. A disease of the skeletal system that leads to weaker bones, it can also have a damaging impact on your oral health, as well. Today, your Bedford, MA dentist speaks on the dangers of osteoporosis on your mouth, and how to prepare with… Read more »

Night Guards Might Be Your Solution

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To some extent, many people chew or clench their jaw when they sleep. But for others, it can become more than just an annoyance. The persistent grinding of teeth, known as bruxism, can cause serious medical concerns if ignored. The shape and positioning of the teeth may change over time. The alignment of the jaw… Read more »

What Is It That’s Making You A Bad Brusher?

If someone were to ask you if you’re wonderful with your dental hygiene or not so wonderful and your immediate response would be something along the lines of, “I’m just not a very good brusher,” then we have questions for you! Why do you feel this way and what do you think might help? If… Read more »

Your Smile: What’s Your Wish?

What is it that you wish for when it comes to your smile? Are you upset because you know that you could do something to get your healthy smile back but as for how to get started, you feel somewhat lost? Maybe you spend a lot of time visualizing a whiter smile but you aren’t… Read more »

When You Skip Flossing: Stuff That Can Really Happen

It’s not like you really need to floss, right? Actually, you do. To you, it may seem like this very simple, completely forgettable part of your dental hygiene that will probably go unnoticed if you’re very good with your brushing. However, even if you’re an exceptional tooth brusher and you’ve never missed a visit, chances… Read more »

Answers About Floss That Can Really Benefit Your Smile

It has been drilled into your memory, of course, that you should be flossing your smile as part of your daily dental hygiene experience, so you protect your oral health. You understand the benefits and that without floss, your brushing alone isn’t going to cut it because your brush doesn’t thoroughly clean those spaces between… Read more »

3 Myths To Look Out For When You’re Expecting

When you’re expecting a baby, particularly if you start speaking with other mothers, friends, family members, etc., you are going to hear an extraordinary amount of information. It will include opinions, experiences, old wives’ tales, and may even have some facts peppered in! However, since it’s nearly impossible to know what’s what, we always encourage… Read more »