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The Heart And The Teeth Work Together

Teeth heart bedford ma

Often, people view their dental health as primarily cosmetic. If they are able to hide a problem, then maybe it doesn’t matter. They do this with a different smile or a different manner of speech. And some others think that the health of the mouth only affects the teeth, or maybe the head, as well…. Read more »

Smart Everyday Habits For Your Oral Health

Any smart plan to preserve the integrity of your teeth and gums should include routine dental checkups. These visits are a chance to have your overall oral health checked, as well as your hygienist’s chance to protect your teeth by removing stubborn material that at-home care can leave behind. In between visits, you can reduce… Read more »

The Impact of Stress on Oral Health

Oral Health in Bedford, MA

Stress can also lead to jaw clenching, nighttime teeth grinding, or biting our nails. Dr. Kennedy reviews how to manage oral health issues that arise in periods of stress.

Bedford Trunk or Treat Caters to Children 8 and Under

Children's Dentistry in Bedford, MA

Halloween is right around the corner, and your family dentist Dr. Kennedy wants his young patients to stay safe this Halloween. He shares the Goddard’s School’s Trunk or Treat in Bedford.

New Study Indicates Importance of Childhood Sunscreen

This summer, our children will spend countless hours outdoors, enjoying swimming, sports, and playgrounds. We parents understand that sunscreen will prevent them from suffering a sunburn. But does it prevent skin cancer, particularly malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer? This is what motivated Texas Biomed researchers to organize a recent study looking… Read more »