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Stopping Infection With A Root Canal

bedford root canal procedure

An infection is a serious oral health issue, one that is not only painful, but could also lead to the loss of your tooth! In order to treat this concern and bring relief to your smile, your Bedford, MA, dentist can offer an endodontic procedure known as root canal therapy. In today’s blog, we’re going… Read more »

How Does A Filling Look Like My Tooth?

bedford fillings

When you have a cavity, then your Bedford, MA, dentist will likely prescribe a filling. However, that doesn’t mean relying on a metal restoration. Instead, we have a filling that looks like natural tooth structure! In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how we create and place a lifelike solution to tooth decay!

When Is A Tooth Extraction Right For Your Smile?

extracting infected tooth

With fillings and crowns, your Bedford, MA, dentist strives to repair issues like damage or decay, and preserve the natural tooth. However, sometimes very serious oral health issues mean a tooth cannot be saved, and leaving it in place could actually threatens the rest of the smile. In these scenarios, we may remove the tooth… Read more »

Treating Painful Infections With Endodontics

When a tooth becomes infected, treatment is crucial to avoid losing the tooth altogether. In order to put a halt to infection and cease discomfort, we may suggest endodontic treatment with root canal therapy. How do we perform a root canal, and when should you see your Bedford, MA, dentist?

A Natural-Looking Solution To Tooth Decay

lifelike dental fillings

Just because you have a cavity doesn’t mean you have to receive a metal restoration. In fact, your Bedford, MA, dentist can provide a treatment that looks natural and still provides a durable and long-lasting solution. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we treat tooth decay with a lifelike dental filling.

Choosing Smile Healthy Snack Choices

When we’re stressed or scared, we often turn to things that bring us comfort. For some, this could include binge watching an old show, but for others, this could be indulging in their favorite treats. We understand, but we also understand that items high in sugar could promote tooth decay! In today’s blog, your Bedford,… Read more »

What Is Your Toothache Telling You?

If you have pain in your smile, then you may need to see us for emergency treatment. Pain in one or more of your teeth could be related to very serious concerns, including an infected tooth. How do you know if you have an issue worth seeing your Bedford, MA, dentist about?