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3 Quick Fixes For Smile Disappointment

What you know for certain is that you’re feeling disappointed in your smile. What you may be having some trouble with is figuring out how to fix that feeling, so you feel enchanted, motivated, inspired, or plain old satisfied with your grin! Of course, the primary detail here is that you have to begin by… Read more »

Veneers: The Details That Make Them “One Of A Kind”

When we talk about porcelain veneers being “one of a kind,” we mean this in more ways than one. First, of course, there’s the fact that they offer some features and benefits you cannot expect from other types of cosmetic dentistry treatments simply because they are unique! Then, there’s the fact that we can make… Read more »

Stain Considerations You May Be Overlooking

You may feel like you’ve had some very particular information ingrained in your thoughts when it comes to the topic of smile stains. Some of things that you might believe (that many of our Bedford, MA patients take as fact) include the idea that stains are bad and need to go away, that you must… Read more »

Should I Even Worry About My Smile Gap?

Do you have a tooth gap? Lots of spacing between teeth? One big, very obvious space? How about a little bitty space that you can feel and that drives you crazy but that’s not really that obvious cosmetically? There are many different types of spacing that may impact you, which may cause you to beg… Read more »

3 Types Of Essential Prep For Cosmetic Changes

You may think to yourself that you are most certainly excited and ready to move ahead with cosmetic care. When you say “ready,” of course, you mean that you are tired of the way your smile looks and you feel resolved to make a change. Maybe you want to fix chips, say goodbye to discoloration,… Read more »

Selfie Suggestions: 4 Ways To Improve Your Smile

Are you that friend? The one who backs away slowly and then runs for the hills when someone wants to take a selfie? Do you occasionally feel motivated to take a photo of yourself, so you go about your business only to realize that though you look pretty good, your smile is ruining the shot?… Read more »

Tooth Chips: They May Look Bad But They’re Easy To Treat

Whether you slipped up and your tooth came into contact with an inanimate object, you bit into something too hard for your teeth, or some other factor came into play, ending up with a tooth chip can be upsetting. You cannot fix it on your own. It doesn’t look very good. However, you definitely feel… Read more »