Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

Despite popular belief, not every cosmetic dental procedure has to be a long, drawn-out process. In fact, in many cases, quality dental work can be completed quickly, thanks to advances in dental technology and materials.

I’m Dr. Robert Kennedy, a general dentist in Bedford Massachusetts, and I can often correct minor cosmetic dental flaws in just one appointment. I often recommend cosmetic bonding to improve the appearance of chipped or oddly spaced teeth.

The material I use for bonding is the same as I use for fillings, tooth-colored composite resin. Bonding is completely safe and blends right in with natural tooth structure.

Often, patients choose cosmetic bonding as a short-term alternative to porcelain veneers. Don’t let the word “short” fool you, though. With proper care, bonding can last from 5 to 10 years or longer.

If you are unsure if cosmetic bonding is the right procedure for you, I invite you to schedule a consultation. My team and I will be happy to discuss your dental goals and to help identify what you want to change about your smile.

Please contact my office at (781) 275-0200 for more information.