Don’t Skip Your Checkup And Cleaning Visit

When was the last time you had your smile examined and cleaned? Even if you brush and floss regularly, you still need to see our team for a checkup and cleaning visit, which helps Bedford, MA, residents enjoy bright and healthier smiles. In today’s blog, learn why you should never skip these preventive visits!

Does Your Jaw Pop Or Click?

Have you noticed a popping or clicking sensation in your jaw? Do you also happen to suffer from persistent headaches or migraines? When our jaw joints undergo excessive strain, this could mean the presence of TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist talks about treating these issues with a… Read more »

How Do Veneers Help Perfect Smiles?

Do you have minor, or severe, esthetic issues with your smile’s appearance? If so, then you likely need cosmetic treatment to correct these issues. However, what if your Bedford, MA, dentist could offer a more perfect smile with a single treatment in just two visits? How do our porcelain veneers offer this potential for our… Read more »

Creating New Smiles With Bonding And Contouring

Cosmetic dentistry allows your Bedford, MA, dentist to help transform smiles, addressing issues with the color and shape of your teeth. But did you know that we have two unique treatments that could offer these improvements in as little as one visit? In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of dental bonding and… Read more »

When Is Extraction Right For Your Smile?

Did you know that in some situations, actually removing a tooth is the best way to protect your overall oral health? From addressing wisdom teeth to tackling severe infections or damage, a simple extraction could help restore smiles in Bedford, MA, to optimal health. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we ensure… Read more »

Offering Brighter Smiles In 2020

Now that a new year is here, you have a new chance to make some major differences in your life. Why not start with your smile? If you’ve always wanted a brighter smile, then you may want to talk to your Bedford, MA, dentist about our professional teeth whitening options. We can help you enjoy… Read more »

Different Ways a Dental Crown Can Save Your Tooth

Restorative dentistry’s main goal is to help you save as much of your healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. When a tooth is cracked or broken, it requires care and treatment to stop the damage from growing worse, or the tooth from becoming unable to function properly. In many cases, a custom-designed dental crown can… Read more »