Cosmetic Improvement With Bonding And Contouring

bedford bonding and contouring

When you have more than just teeth stains impacting the beauty of your smile, you may need more than just teeth whitening. With dental bonding and contouring, our team has the ability to transform the overall appearance of your smile, and in only one sitting. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist talks about our… Read more »

Jawbone Density Changes As We Age

Old Bedord MA

Many of us will develop osteoporosis as we age, especially for women. A disease of the skeletal system that leads to weaker bones, it can also have a damaging impact on your oral health, as well. Today, your Bedford, MA dentist speaks on the dangers of osteoporosis on your mouth, and how to prepare with… Read more »

Cleanings Make All The Difference


Our teeth are constantly picking up particles of food, and no matter how well we brush, there will always be areas we cannot reach ourselves. Your regular daily oral health regimen cannot remove tartar, it must be done at a dental office. And also, you might not be able to see buildup yourself, making cleaning… Read more »

Maintain Your White Smile Through The Years

Yellow Teeth Bedford MA

Over the years, your teeth take a lot of damage. The foods we eat can stain them, and we are constantly exposing them to various materials that can cause damage to your enamel.  Tobacco use is another major cause of tooth discoloration, or drinking coffee or red wine. Or you could be lacking certain vitamins,… Read more »

Summer Is The Perfect Time For Cosmetic Work!

Summer Bedford MA

With all the activity outside, and around people, it is certainly a fantastic time of the year to have your smile tuned up. Whether you need a little bit of work or a few different improvements, we are always here to help. Today, your Bedford, MA dentist talks a little about how you can take… Read more »

Protect Between Your Teeth!

Floss Bedford MA

For some reason, people avoid flossing as much as they possibly can. Regular, twice-daily brushing is fairly universal, but the act of having something between the teeth appears to frighten people, at least enough to put it out of their minds. But with regular flossing, there should be no pain or blood. If this occurs,… Read more »

Veneers Can Bring The Life Back To Your Smile!

Smile Bedford MA

As we age, some of the brighter aspects of our appearance begin to fade. Our lips thin, our hair turns gray. And with this often too is a smile that has faded a bit. Porcelain veneers can help to bring back that youthful smile, all while maintaining your current healthy teeth. Dentists would always prefer… Read more »