3 Goals To Keep In Mind For Your Cosmetic Plan

The thing that’s very easy to figure out and decide on is that you are most definitely, absolutely, 100 percent ready for a cosmetic care plan that will lead you toward the smile you’ve always wanted. What can feel a little less certain along the way? The details that make up that plan and the… Read more »

Your Daily Brushing Routine: What Are You Missing?

Just because you’re going through your daily routine with dental care, do you know if your dental hygiene is actually helping you accomplish your goals? When your brushing could be better, you are probably missing plaque, which can mean you’re headed toward issues like cavities and bad breath. Make sure you’re not missing anything!

Questions About Life After Replacement Teeth

Patients often wonder if choosing replacement teeth will really be a good idea. Certainly, your smile will include all of its teeth (no more open spaces). However, will that actually equate to what you’re hoping to accomplish? Will it look like your smile, you ask yourself? Is this going to make life better or will… Read more »

Quiz Time: The Specifics Of Oral Cancer Screenings

The idea of receiving an oral cancer screening to protect your oral and overall health may sound perfectly agreeable to you. The problem, however, frequently lies in the fact that many patients aren’t sure about the specifics when it comes to the why, the how, and more. Try your hand at our handy little quiz… Read more »

Major Benefits Of Scheduling Consistent Cleanings

There are always benefits to scheduling your dental cleanings. When you set them up and visit us consistently, well … then you’re really doing your part to protect your oral health. What makes coming in every single six months for a professional cleaning so important, though, you may be wondering to yourself? Well, when you’re… Read more »

Sensitivity: 3 Surprising Things Harming Your Smile

“Why does my smile feel so sensitive?” you may wonder to yourself. You know that your teeth feel irritated but as for where the tooth sensitivity is coming from, you may be completely in the dark. The truth is, there are some obvious problems (like you have a cavity that you haven’t filled yet) and… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Worried Your Reasons Aren’t Good Enough

You may really want to do something about your smile. When we say “do something about,” we’re talking about making it look better because you’re just not satisfied. However, as you think about calling our practice to set up a consultation for cosmetic dentistry, you may struggle with what your reason is, whether you need… Read more »