Summer Is Perfect For Whitening

Summer Bedford MA

During summer, we all love to spend as much time with each other as possible. Here in Massachusetts, it’s a fantastic time to get together at the pool or the beach, or have a barbecue with some family. But with all that connection in the open air comes a bit of self-doubt. We work on… Read more »

Diet Affects The Whole Mouth

Diet Teeth Bedford, MA

We learn from a very young age to avoid sugar in order to keep our teeth healthy. But maintaining a healthy smile is about more than simply cutting out candy. Some of the more innocent of foods can spur tooth decay, as well. Your dietary decisions can also pose lasting issues with your oral health… Read more »

Don’t Panic When You Lose A Tooth

Loose Tooth Bedford MA

A broken tooth is a situation that happens fairly commonly. People do not often take enough time to contemplate what they would do in such a situation.  Being prepared for this event can save you much time and money in the long run. Today, your Bedford, MA dentist discusses what to do in this situation.

Night Guards Might Be Your Solution

Mouthguard Bedford MA

To some extent, many people chew or clench their jaw when they sleep. But for others, it can become more than just an annoyance. The persistent grinding of teeth, known as bruxism, can cause serious medical concerns if ignored. The shape and positioning of the teeth may change over time. The alignment of the jaw… Read more »

Taking Care of Pregnant Gums

Pregnant Teeth Bedford MA

Pregnancy can be daunting, as the entire body restructures itself in order to best serve the growth of a child. One aspect that is often overlooked is how it affects the oral health of the mother. Today, your Bedford, MA dentist explains how best to ensure your pregnancy doesn’t harm your gums.

Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Blood sugar

Diabetes is a very common condition in America, with over 29 million diagnosed Americans affected. For these individuals, it reaches into nearly every aspect of their health. Damage to the eyes and extremities due to circulation issues, and elevated infection rates are just a few of the troubles someone with diabetes can encounter. If you… Read more »

Crowns on Significantly Broken Teeth

Porcelain crowns

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and that ball might hit you square in the mouth. With a broken tooth, life can be absolutely miserable. In these situations, a porcelain crown can rebuild your tooth and renew your smile. But how much of your original tooth is necessary to ensure success? Kennedy Family and Cosmetic… Read more »