Creating Your Full And Partial Dentures

bedford dentures

A bridge is a perfect choice for minor tooth loss, but what if you have lost most of your teeth? What if you have lost all of them? In order to rebuild your smile, you may need a dental prosthetic. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist discusses how we create lifelike and long-lasting full… Read more »

What Kind Of Dental Bridge Do I Need?

Dental Bridge

Missing a tooth can be stressful. It is easy for us to be self-conscious of our teeth, and feeling as though something is wrong can affect our willingness to smile. Moreover, a missing tooth often makes it difficult to chew, bite, and eat, all of which can hinder a carefree life. Dental bridges provide a… Read more »

Placing Your Custom Veneers

bedford porcelain veneers

One or more porcelain veneers could be your ticket to a complete smile makeover in as little as two visits. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will explain how we design, create, and then place these cosmetic restorations, and how they can address discoloration, unsightly gaps, misalignment, and more!

Bonding Repairs Teeth Same-Day

bedford dental bonding

When you have issues with a damaged tooth, or regarding the shape of one, then teeth whitening may not be enough. Fortunately, our cosmetic treatment options include procedures to reshape and repair teeth, all in only one visit! In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist talks about dental bonding and same-day repair.

Dramatic Results With Teeth Whitening

bedford teeth whitening

Our professional teeth whitening systems offers results that are much more dramatic than the results of store-bought strips and toothpastes. In fact, you could obtain a smile brightened by up to eight shades! In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will explain how our teeth whitening trays and gels will provide dramatic results.

How We Ensure Your Extraction Is Comfortable

bedford tooth extraction

Sometimes, an issue arises that be addressed with a filling or a dental crown. Instead, keeping the smile healthy and functional means we must actually remove a tooth altogether. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will explain how we extract a tooth, and the steps we take to ensure the procedure is a comfortable… Read more »

How Does Place A Crown Help A Tooth?

bedford crown

When you have a broken tooth, or one with a severe case of tooth decay, then you may need a restoration to avoid worsening pain or even the loss of a tooth. To help repair major restorative issues with the appearance and health of your smile, your Bedford, MA, dentist may suggest creating and placing… Read more »