Dramatic Results With Teeth Whitening

bedford teeth whitening

Our professional teeth whitening systems offers results that are much more dramatic than the results of store-bought strips and toothpastes. In fact, you could obtain a smile brightened by up to eight shades! In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will explain how our teeth whitening trays and gels will provide dramatic results.

How We Ensure Your Extraction Is Comfortable

bedford tooth extraction

Sometimes, an issue arises that be addressed with a filling or a dental crown. Instead, keeping the smile healthy and functional means we must actually remove a tooth altogether. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will explain how we extract a tooth, and the steps we take to ensure the procedure is a comfortable… Read more »

How Does Place A Crown Help A Tooth?

bedford crown

When you have a broken tooth, or one with a severe case of tooth decay, then you may need a restoration to avoid worsening pain or even the loss of a tooth. To help repair major restorative issues with the appearance and health of your smile, your Bedford, MA, dentist may suggest creating and placing… Read more »

A Root Canal Could Prevent A Missing Tooth

bedford root canal

When a tooth is infected, this could mean serious discomfort and unless treated, the loss of the tooth! To protect your smile from spreading infection and tooth loss, your Bedford, MA, dentist may recommend a safe and comfortable endodontic procedure known as root canal therapy.

Treating A Cavity Preserves Your Tooth

bedford fillings

When you have a cavity, the decay will grow and spread over time. Which means your minor tooth decay could cause an infection or even lead to the loss of your tooth. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist explains how treating a cavity with a filling could help preserve your tooth and ensure you… Read more »

How We Safeguard Children’s Smiles

bedford children's dentistry

We don’t just offer checkups and cleanings for grown-ups; we also have care for little smiles too. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist will look at how we care for little smiles, and help you stay free of common issues like tooth decay. We also explain when kids need to start receiving checkups and… Read more »

Removing Plaque With A Cleaning Protects Smiles

bedford plaque removal

Our last blog was about the checkup, and why you need to see us every six months for one. But in the same visit, we also clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar in one visit. In today’s blog, your Bedford, MA, dentist explains how we protect smiles of all ages by removing buildup as… Read more »