Children’s Dental Care Reminders

Caring for your kids’ oral health can cause just the slightest bit of confusion because, well, their smiles don’t require all of the same things that yours requires. Yes, both you and your children need preventive care in the form of dental hygiene, cleanings, and checkups. However, their smiles are still developing (as are their… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Mishaps: Quick Fixes

Have you ever thought about the things you do on Valentine’s Day that could potentially lead to problems for your oral health? Perhaps there are ways to fix them or redirect yourself on this otherwise joyous day, so you have a lovely time without putting your smile at serious risk! Take some suggestions to heart…. Read more »

Cosmetic Care: Is It Just Too Late?

Have you decided (nearly) once and for all that you’re just going to forget all about cosmetic care because you figure it’s just too late? We hear this from patients for different reasons and always follow through with the following reminder: It’s not too late! However, you may hear this and think to yourself, “Well,… Read more »

Smile Health: Fruit Tips!

You know that it’s good to eat fruits. They are full of water and nutrients that your body needs. Eating them is better than taking a supplement or eating fortified packaged foods! They also happen to taste amazing. However, they are acidic in nature, which means you have to be thoughtful about how you consume… Read more »

Oral Health Care: Kick Start Better Care

Everyone wants a healthy smile, of course. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know the best path to take in order to get there. Remember that it’s very possible you’re doing an okay job but that you could be doing a much better job. The difference can be staggering! “Okay” habits may lead to… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Bristles, Brush Size, And Budget

Choosing a toothbrush to bring home with you seems like such a simple task that it should require no preparation at all. Of course, this may be the reason it can feel extra difficult to make a choice when you find yourself staring at so many possibilities at the drugstore. You find one that looks… Read more »

Tips: Porcelain Veneers And Dental Hygiene

You know that your porcelain veneers will make it look like you practice the absolute most exceptional dental care ever! Of course, the only thing better than this is if you actually do practice amazing care. So, once you have your veneers and your beautifully improved smile, what should you be doing to ensure your… Read more »