4 Things That Happen After You Replace Missing Teeth!

You might be thinking about replacing your missing teeth. In fact, this may be something that has just come up in your life or it may even be part of a journey you have been taking for quite a while! Whatever the case, sometime, our Bedford, MA team discovers that all a patient really needs… Read more »

Is There Anything Wrong With Whitening My Smile?

You may feel that, even though you want to brighten your smile with teeth whitening, there’s something wrong with it. You may not know exactly why you feel this way but still, there seems to be some emotional stigma attached that you cannot shake. With that said, our Bedford, MA team would love to help… Read more »

Can I Improve My Smile by the Fourth of July?

Are you feeling the tug to make a difference in your smile this summer? Maybe it’s the longer days to hand out with friends, or the extra time with family that makes it easy to wish for and imagine a brighter smile or whiter teeth in Bedford, MA. While some smile improvements come with a… Read more »

Conversations About Cosmetic Care: Who To Talk To?

Do you have some questions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and more about cosmetic care? If so, welcome to the club! Just about every one of our Bedford, MA patients who considers any form of smile improvement has a list of questions a mile long! This is normal because, of course, you’re curious about treatments, pros, possible… Read more »

Your Smile: What’s Your Wish?

What is it that you wish for when it comes to your smile? Are you upset because you know that you could do something to get your healthy smile back but as for how to get started, you feel somewhat lost? Maybe you spend a lot of time visualizing a whiter smile but you aren’t… Read more »

Dental Contouring: Yep, It’s A Safe Choice!

When you initially learn about it, dental contouring may sound like a dream cosmetic treatment for your smile. This is often true of patients who feel upset over one small concern that seems too little to treat but that also has a significant impact on the overall appearance of one’s grin. However, as that first… Read more »

Things That Are No Problem, Thanks To Bonding

Sometimes, you figure that the issue you’re having with your smile is going to require some sort of lengthy and complex treatment. However, when you’re just looking at an esthetic problem that seems like it should be no big deal, our Bedford, MA team reminds you that this is probably the case! Trust your instincts…. Read more »