When You’re Seeing Bleeding Gums: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

When you go from dental hygiene sessions that are generally uneventful to one that includes what appears to be bleeding gums, you can quickly discover that you aren’t sure how to react. Should you be doing something about this symptom? What on earth does it mean? Is your oral health okay? Of course, you may… Read more »

3 Ways Your Tooth Replacement Is Extremely Helpful

You know that it’s good to replace missing teeth in general, of course. You also know that on a very basic level of preference, you’d much rather have all of your teeth than to not have them. However, when we’re pressing the matter and are really digging much deeper into why it’s so helpful for… Read more »

Halloween Tips: Protecting The Beauty Of Your Smile!

You know that Halloween is a time that is full of sugary treats! As a result, it’s not the best day of the year for oral health protection. However, you may also be getting the feeling that it might not be so safe for the beauty of your smile, if you aren’t careful. While we… Read more »

3 Myths To Look Out For When You’re Expecting

When you’re expecting a baby, particularly if you start speaking with other mothers, friends, family members, etc., you are going to hear an extraordinary amount of information. It will include opinions, experiences, old wives’ tales, and may even have some facts peppered in! However, since it’s nearly impossible to know what’s what, we always encourage… Read more »

Winter, Holidays, Parties: Is Your Smile Glittering And Ready?

When you close your eyes and visualize all that wintertime brings, what do you see? An icy, glittering outdoor winter scape? The twinkling of the holiday lights? Freshly fallen snow? Yourself at a party, using your hand to cover your yellowed, not-so-great-looking smile? If you are nodding your head “yes” to all of the above… Read more »