Your Beautiful 2019 Smile: What Are You Waiting For?

If you have been reflecting on the way your smile looks and you have come to realize that you are definitely feeling prepared to follow through with cosmetic dental care, then you may have decided one additional thing, too: You’re going to make it one of your New Year’s resolutions! That, of course, is fantastic…. Read more »

Tiny Offenders: Popcorn For Christmas!

Nope, little popped corn kernels are not the first things that spring to mind when one asks you about potential hazards for your smile health. They’re probably not the first things that spring to mind when someone asks you about holiday time snack favorites, decor, etc. However, popcorn happens to show up just about everywhere… Read more »

Your Toothache: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until After Christmas

So, you have a toothache. It’s not excruciating or you would have already called us. Instead, you can manage it and it’s not constantly causing you problems. You’ve spent some time asking yourself what you should do, since Christmas is steadily approaching. Should you just pretend that your smile is perfectly fine? Or, should you… Read more »

Protecting Your Breath: Very Important Notes

When you notice bad breath is sticking with you, there’s more to solving the problem than just chewing minty gum or using mouthwash. Of course, sometimes the answer is very simple because you really just need to stop eating so much garlic! In other cases, it has more to do with the cleanliness of your… Read more »

Why Your Smile Care Fails Without Floss!

You may wonder why you really, actually, truly need to floss your smile. After all, you’re doing so many other things to protect your oral health! You brush your teeth as we suggest that you should do every day. You’re even completely on top of scheduling your dental checkups and cleaning with us. You might… Read more »

Thanksgiving: Simple Tips That Help Protect Your Smile’s Beauty

As you know, our Bedford, MA practice is more than happy to help you keep your smile looking exceptionally lovely with the assistance of cosmetic dental care. While it’s a wonderful thing to have access to, should you end up with any type of issue that takes away from the beauty of your grin, we… Read more »

How We Keep Your Family’s Smile Health Safe

You may spend time wondering what makes a practice a place that’s wonderful for your family’s smile protection over other options. When it comes to our particular care, we remind you that what’s important is providing care that covers the needs of every single family member! That means mom, dad, the kids, grandma and grandpa,… Read more »