Cosmetic Care With Us: 3 Worries You Can Let Go! 

The idea of cosmetic care for your smile sounds amazing until you start to bring your notion of your future smile into a much more realistic context (as you yank it out of the dreamland in which it usually lives). You start to wonder how the process of receiving cosmetic treatments with us is going… Read more »

Is Whitening For Winter Something People Do?

You may wonder if your sudden desire to attain a whiter smile for the winter season is something we hear a lot or if you are the creator of this idea! The truth is, this is a very common request, when it comes to the cosmetic care we offer at our Bedford, MA practice! Remember,… Read more »

When You Ask: Why Veneers Over Other Options?

You might have some ideas about what we will probably suggest for your smile in terms of cosmetic dental care. Then, when we recommend porcelain veneers over other options, you may find that it wasn’t what you expected! So, you’re left asking yourself why veneers over things like whitening, bonding, and more? Of course, this… Read more »

Am I Just Destined For Tooth Decay?

After dealing with several cavities and finding that even when you think you’re doing a good job, you end up with tooth decay anyway, you may wonder to yourself: Am I just destined for this problem? Is it following me, like some unfriendly rain cloud that I cannot seem to shake? While we can certainly… Read more »

I’m Ready For Cosmetic Care (Right This Very Second!)

When you realize that you want your smile to look better and you know that the way you can get there is with the help of cosmetic care, you want this whole experience to begin as soon as humanly possible! So, how do you get that going, you wonder? Which steps can you take to… Read more »

When Your Smile Needs Serious Help

Sometimes, whether it’s based on the way your smile feels, some long-standing oral health issues you’re already well aware of, or even a severe change you notice in the mirror, you know that your smile needs serious help! However, when you start feeling like the stakes are high, your issues are dramatic, and you’re not… Read more »

Why You’re Having Such A Hard Time Flossing!

If you think that you’re the only one who has ever admitted that you’re having an incredibly hard time flossing, think again! What seems like a very simple and straightforward part of your suggested daily dental care can go either way. When you know just what to do and you’re fully informed regarding the essential… Read more »