Extraction Quiz: Why You Shouldn’t Worry!

It’s often hard to avoid worrying when you’re facing a new experience, which is something we understand. However, as you’re preparing to come in for a visit for a dental extraction, we really hope you will do your best to put your worries to rest. Why? Well, because there’s nothing at all to feel concerned… Read more »

Important Reasons To Get A Dental Implant

Important Reasons To Get A Dental Implant

With the exception of wisdom teeth extraction, losing a tooth as an adult is usually the result of accident, severe decay, or severe damage. When an adult tooth is removed, it can leave behind potential for problems in the mouth. A missing tooth can lead to a weak jawbone. A weak jawbone can lead to… Read more »

Dental Bridge: Your Key To A Complete Smile?

Do you think that a dental bridge will offer the benefits and features you need when you’ve decided it is time to replace missing teeth in your smile? If you haven’t done much investigating yet, then you might not know how to differentiate between different prosthetic options just yet. Not a problem! You of course… Read more »

Vacation: Don’t Get Stranded Without Dental Hygiene Products!

What to do? You just arrived at your destination, you’re unpacking and ready for your vacation to begin, and you notice that the one thing you didn’t pack with your belongings is your dental hygiene products. No toothbrush, dental floss, or toothpaste in sight. Since skipping brushing and flossing isn’t an option, you’re going to… Read more »

Improve Your Flossing With These 3 Tips

Flossing can sometimes seem like the less popular, nerdy sibling to brushing your teeth. Everybody understands the importance of using a toothbrush, but nobody really appreciates how vital flossing is to maintaining your oral health. While your toothbrush does a fine job cleaning the outside of your teeth, flossing is the only way to remove… Read more »

FAQs: I Want A White Smile!

When you know that you want a white smile, you know that there are options out there that will help you get what you’re looking for. However, that doesn’t mean you feel knowledgeable or confident about which pathway to take. Maybe you should try to do something on your own, you think to yourself. Then… Read more »

Save-Your-Summer Tips From Your Dental Care Team

You might not give much thought to the fact that your dental care choices can make or break your summer. Do you have some exciting events planned? Have you been invited to summer weddings? Perhaps you’ve planned an epic road trip that you’ve been dreaming about for years. Whatever the case, we know better than… Read more »