Why Good Hygiene Relies on Checkups and Cleanings

Most of us have been reminded about the importance of good dental hygiene for most of our lives. When we were younger, it usually came from our parents, and increasingly more from our dentists the more we grew accustomed to visiting them. In many cases, we’re given stark reminders of this importance when a dental… Read more »

Giving Your Smile A Holiday Gift This Year?

While we aren’t entirely sure about how you will fill out the “to” and “from” section of the gift tag if you give your smile a holiday gift this year (perhaps it will to “me” from “me”… or to “my smile” from “myself”), we know one thing is certain: Considering presents that are specifically geared… Read more »

Actions To Take Through Cosmetic Care For Improvement! 

You know what cosmetic care is. It’s the field of dental care that isn’t related to addressing the health of your smile in any way but that instead, focuses wholly on the appearance of your smile. It’s a nice sort of care to be able to access, of course, because it means that when you’re… Read more »

Traditional Teeth Whitening: Always The Best Answer?

You know that there are times when teeth whitening is definitely the answer because this is a very popular treatment, the results of which are beautiful and dazzling! However, the more research you do into the world of cosmetic dental care, the more you realize that though traditional whitening is often the best answer, it… Read more »

When You Wish Teeth Could Grow More Tissue

Sometimes, you find yourself simply wishing that you could just grow more dental tissue. If you could, then you would be able to address a variety of concerns centered around damage. You might also be able to address issues that are part of your natural smile (like a short tooth that you wish was longer)…. Read more »

Re-Energize The Vibrancy Of Your Smile!

How’s your smile looking these days? A bit shabby? Are you quite certain about exactly what is causing this? Or, instead, can you say with ease that your smile could look better but as far as pointing to the underlying cause of this issue, you’re feeling a bit unsure? If it’s the latter, then we… Read more »