Your Filling: 4 Things To Remember

You know, of course, if you know anything about our dental fillings that we offer this restorative treatment with the use of composite. This means that you won’t be receiving a metal filling that looks very obvious when you talk or smile. Instead, it won’t look like you have a filling at all because the… Read more »

On The Fence About Scheduling Care

Are you on the fence regarding calling us up to schedule a dental visit? When you think you might have an oral health problem … but then again, maybe you don’t … it can become quite the dilemma. Do you call us anyway and hope that you’re contacting us for a reason? Do you think… Read more »

Holiday Oral Health: Why Drink More Water?

You know that drinking extra water during the summer months is something that is a frequent suggestion from just about everyone! However, when you hear that we encourage you to drink up some additional H20 over the winter holidays for better oral health, you may find this a bit odd. Consider some surprisingly compelling reasons… Read more »

Quiz: Brushing And Your Gums

If you feel pretty good about your dental hygiene but you don’t know if you’re on track with your brushing and your gums, it can make the process feel a little bit scary. Furthermore, you may wonder if you’re making choices that protect your gum tissue or if you’re accidentally doing something that’s putting your… Read more »

Dental Sealants: Schedule Them Soon!

If you’ve spoken with us about dental sealants before, then you know how strongly we suggest them for your children’s smiles. This is because they are simple and can provide such an amazing amount of prevention against decay formation. They’re well worth finding time in your schedule! However, that doesn’t mean this is an easy… Read more »

White Teeth: 2 Assumptions To Avoid

When you get yourself focused on attaining a whiter smile, you may make some assumptions along the way. Some will serve you well (perhaps you assume you’ll feel better about your appearance with whiter teeth, which will likely prove true!). However, there are some assumptions that can cause you some confusion or upset that are… Read more »

Types Of Pain (And What To Do)

Like most patients and like ourselves, you likely rely on pain to let you know if something is wrong. When your tooth suddenly hurts very badly, you assume something is not quite right. However, when your tooth hurts just a little bit for an hour, you may find yourself feeling like you’re not quite sure… Read more »