A New Year’s Resolution for the Entire Family

Happy new year! I hope 2011 is off to a great start for you and your family.

Now that the holidays are over and everyone is back to school and work, it seems like the holiday break never even happened. If you’re a mom, chances are that you didn’t get much of a break at all while juggling everyone’s busy schedules and needs. Get the new year started off right by making one decision that is not only good for the entire family, but is also convenient.

I am Dr. Robert Kennedy of Kennedy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, and I have a resolution for you. I am a family dentist. This means that I can care for you, your kids, your husband, and pretty much anyone except the family dog at my office. My team and I  provide dental care for anyone and everyone, at any age and developmental stage, from pregnancy, to pre-school, to more mature patients. This means that Kennedy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can be your one-stop shop for a healthy mouth.

I am a father myself, so I know how tricky it can be to balance the schedules of everyone in the family. I will work with you to instill healthy dental hygiene habits in your kids, and help you maintain a healthy smile of your own, while my staff will work with you to schedule appointments that are convenient and fit into your busy schedule. What could be better than having your teeth and the kids’ teeth cleaned during the same appointment block and then not having to worry about it for another six months?

Here at Kennedy Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to make it easy for you. As a mom, you already have enough to worry about. To make post-holiday cleaning appointments for the entire family, please call my office at (781) 275-0200. It’s one resolution you can keep! I look forward to seeing you.